Flétta exhibited their most recent project, Trophy, in Ásmundarsalur during this years DesignMarch where old trophies had been deconstructed to be seen in a new context. With the project they explore the trophies materials, but the objects are mostly made out of interesting combination of marble, plastic and metal, as well as the stories and emotions behind the objects. In their work they have transformed the trophies into sculptural objects such as tables, lights and shelves.

Trophies are a part of big moments in people's lives, achievements, and memories. They tell a story of countless hours and strenuous exercises. They are made for a moment, when they are lifted up in triumph, and lose their value when taken out of context.

Á HönnunarMars í ár sýndi Flétta afraskstur nýjasta verkefnis þeirra, Trophy, þar sem verðlaunagripir eru settir í öndvegi, þeir afbyggðir og séðir í nýju samhengi.

Með verkefninu eru þær að skoða sögurnar, tilfinningarnar sem búa að baki verðlaunagripa, augnablikin og sigrana.