Circular Design New products for FÓLK, an Icelandic design and lifestyle brand.

“Through our search of recyclable materials, we connected with Iceland’s most organized car part sales and introduced design duo Flétta to it. Flétta dived into their inventory of car parts and found airbags that did not have any function. Working on these Flétta found a way to upcycle the unused airbags into beautiful and intriguing pillows with a history”.FÓLK 

“Iceland is not particularly known for forests but in the last decades local forests for sustainable usage have evolved. Studio Flétta experimented with the Icelandic wood, making beautiful and playful objects from pine”. FÓLK


About FÓLK
FÓLK is an emerging Icelandic interior and lifestyle brand founded in 2017. FÓLK makes designs for modern sustainable living. At FÓLK we work with progressive designers on smart homeware, furniture and lifestyle products focused on sustainability, responsibility and transparency around the production process.